Thursday, 28 June 2018


Descending from Col des Fours
Great snow cover
A long way down
High Alpine flowers 
Col de Bonhomme, receding snow
The Bonhomme ascent 
Friendly Marmotts 
Col des Fours 
Good cloudscapes 
Slabs, snowbridge and waterfalls 

The team had a fantastic day over the '3 Cols' of Bonhomme.  That is Col de Bonhomme,  Col de la Croix de Bonhomme & Col des Fours.  The snow has depleted a huge amount within 8 days. More rock posting through across the first two cols. By the time we made our way to Col des Fours it was 4pm. It is not unusual for the East facing coire here to hold snow into summer.  This year there is more than the average late June snow. It was a wonderful descent. A snow bridge was still insect down at the slabs of  the Rau de Tufs waterfall. Quite spectacular. To finish off the long day we were treated to a close encounter with a Marmot.  10 minutes at close range with this cutie.
This 10 day trek I am guiding for Mont Blanc Treks

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