Friday, 8 June 2018


Braeriach & Loch Einaich

Snow tunnels starting to form, Carn Ban Mor

Summit Sgurr Gaoithe
Green plateau
I had a bike ride and wander up onto the Glen Feshie hills today. Main objective was to look for and photograph the Dotterel. No luck all day despite roaming around the well known areas that these lovely ground nesting, migratory birds frequent. Not even any ptarmigan seen. A couple of snow buntings seen in the distant depths of the corries. Good excuse for walking over the many summits and plateaux of these hills. I had a peak down at one of the existing snow patches in Carn Ban Mor's corries. The snow tunnels that form when running burns or melting takes place can be quite dramatic. The Spring/summer of 2013 was a good year for these, due to the vast volume of snow we had that winter. That year they were so huge you could walk in and stand up in a lot of them. Not at the moment, a wet crawl and maybe you could wriggle up the one I went to. It was another hot and sticky day but a tad cooler on the tops than of late. More cloud cover than the last few weeks! Looks like we may just about eek out a couple of more hot and sunny days but a threat of showers are on the way this weekend. It was good while it lasted! A fabulous spell of very hot weather. I can't remember the last time I wore waterproofs!
Carn Ban Mor's snowpatch

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