Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Heading up to Le Brevent 
The team at the start 
Snow again
Lunch time
3 ibex within 20 minutes 
Nearly there
Alpine Cough 
St. Brunos Lilly
Quiet morning 
Day 1 of another Tour du Mont Blanc circuit. 10 days of wonderful trekking. On this full version of the TMB I am joined with a group of 10 folk from Australia and USA. Today we started off with a fabulous walk up to Le Brevent.  Snowfields still lingering here too. It was a glorious clear skies and hot sun day. Highlight was spotting 3 separate ibex within 29 minutes and right on trail. All youngsters and could get quite close before they scuttled away into the last vegetation. This trek I am guiding for Mont BlancTreks

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