Friday, 5 July 2019


Mont Blanc from Brevent 

Lac Brevent 

Team photo time

We love Reflections 

Picnic time again 

Lac Brevent at peace

Can't get enough of team photos 

Mont Blanc beers in front of Mont Blanc 
Another couple of very hot days with wall to wall sun in the Chamonix Valley. For the second walk with our big group of 24 we took the Brevent cablecar to give fantastic views of the Mont Blanc range yesterday. After many photos we descended to Lac Brevent,  just 440m of descent. The water looking inviting but no takers. I know someone who would have been straight in! We headed back up to the ridgeline for another huge group picnic with Mont Blanc as a reasonable backdrop. It was uphill to get a beer at Brevent and an easy ride down.

Aiguillete de Argentiere 

Lac de Cheserys Solitude 

The Ladders

Off the trail

Aiguille Rouge 

Wall to wall sun 

Le Tour Glacier 

Aiguille de Chamonix 

Second time this week on the ironwork 

Aiguille Verte 
Today was the groups day off to explore Chamonix and it's array of attractions. I went for a wander up into the Aiguille Rouge for some wildlife photography. The area is a Nature Park and especially good for ibex. It's best to get off the busy trail to be in with a good chance to see these King of The Alps. Such a majestic creature. More images from my proper camera later. Plenty of birdlife around including the Snow Finch. Marmots of course! One big fat one lazing on the rocks sunbathing.  Another hot day and wall to wall blue skies.
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