Sunday, 27 October 2019


Scottish Island Bagging by Helen and Paul Webster

As soon as you pick up Scottish Island Bagging, you immediately feel the quality of the publication. The stunning photographs are a lovely trip down memory lane for anyone who has already travelled to any of the 150+ islands on display in this book, and a wonderful source of inspiration to those hoping to explore them in the future. Even though I have completed two rounds of the Munros, I’m still wary of the term ‘bagger’. However, it was clear from the off that authors Helen and Paul Webster share a similar philosophy to mine i.e. that the Scottish islands and landscape in general are to be explored at leisure, to be immersed in, and the longer the immersion the better, and not as “bagging” can sometimes suggest, to be ticked off a list as quickly as possible. This is a lavish guide book covering all 99 islands that can be reached by regular or chartered ferries, bridges or causeways. Also included are details of a further 55 islands that don't have any form of transport to them. You may need to be the adventurous type to take these on! Each chapter gives a general geographical outline of the island or group of islands along with maps and directions. It is full of useful and interesting information relating to human history, wildlife and trails. There are many general sightseeing tips and local food suggestions for those on a culinary visit. With over 240 pages of information and photographs, the guide has been extensively researched, and judging by the plethora of photos of sun-kissed beaches, I’m guessing some locations were visited a number of times! If you plan on ‘bagging’ any of these glorious islands, then this guide is the perfect companion.

Published by Vertibrate Publishing and available from all good book stores and online or visit the Walk Highlands website.

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