Monday, 21 October 2019


First Fiacaill traverse this season

Ankle depth snow in the corrie

Sun rising

Coire an Lochain

sub zero on the summits

No camouflage here
A glorious day in The Cairngorms. A brief high pressure nudging over The Highlands gave a clear skies morning with no wind and super visibility. The snow from yesterday was still lying at 900m and a winter scene in the Northern Corries. Out early doors to catch the best of the clear skies. Lovely quiet and peaceful in Sneachda, then up onto the Fiacaill Coire an Sneachda. The first of many winter traverses no doubt. It was out with the ironmongery over the ridge. Plenty of rime ice and soft snow. Up on the plateau there was a full covering of ankle depth snow. Brilliant views. On the descent I saw hoards of folk heading up the highway to Ben Macdui. Some well equipped for a winter day out, some erm….. maybe not so :) . I headed down into Coire an Lochain to check out my Mountain Hare. He's not into his camouflage yet and not running about mad like in the summer.
This snow will probably disappear in the next day or so with some 'normal' Autumn temperatures.... until the next winter spell.
A foot note on this blog. My previous post probably had the biggest hits ever since my 12 years of running Tarmachan Mountaineering's blog. Over 6000 views and counting! Obviously there is a lot of folk who love snow just like me :).

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