Thursday, 10 October 2019


Redwing in the Rowan Tree

Berry nice
The unfrequented Strath Nethy

Beinn Mheadhoin

Blue skies this morning

Colder on Wednesday

Strathnethy and Strathspey
Mountain Hare today
Changing into winter pelage

Hiding in the rocks

So clever
Blackbirds like berries too

Sunshine amongst the Rowan
Another unsettled spell of weather with no long. clear spells in the near future. Just one cold, crisp day would be nice. I guess it will come. The east has fared best in any dry weather the last two days. It was forecast to be wet snow on Wednesday but it was just sleety showers and these were light. Even so it was chilly and a 40-50mph cold wind on Cairn Gorm. There was a nice big flock of 10 ptarmigan over on the east side of the hill but they were quite flighty and no photos yesterday. Down in the garden we have had the Redwing's visiting our Rowan Tree which is loaded with rowan berries which they love. Great watching them gobble up these. The Redwing and Fieldfare are Autumn and winter visitors to our shores.
Another wander up into the high Cairngorms again this morning. The winds were much lighter and just a few drizzly showers. A great couple of hours photographing the Mountain Hare who wasn't running about too much, but cleverly he ran into the boulder field to make me work for the images!

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