Wednesday, 12 February 2020


Crested Tit

Great Spotted Woodpecker



Great Tit

Lovely afternoon

Fabulous Cakedonian Pine Forest


Good snow cover on the hills
The high winds on the Cairngorm mountains eased off this afternoon. After a couple of snowy, stormy days it was very nice to see blue skies and sunshine down in Strathspey. Here in the Carngorms we have the largest tracts of ancient Caledonian Pine Forest and within lie some wonderful and unique species of animals. The Crested Tit is a bird that is only found in these forests. Unmistakable with it's 'Punk like' crest of feathers on its head. A wonderful wee character of these forests. It was lovely to photograph them today. Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Goldcrest were two other great birds that were on show too.
Looking like a nice dry, calm winds and cold day tomorrow. An 'ease in' work day before Dennis the Menance arrives on Friday. A big chunk of back to back work for me, always the busiest time in the season. Looks like were in for some wild and snowy days. We have plenty of snow on the Cairngorms now. Winter continues....

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