Monday, 10 February 2020


Snow covered trees in Craigellachie 

Some afternoon sun

Wind blown

The odd glimpse of The Cairngorms 

Deep s ow in places 

Aviemore town looks so much nicer in snow!

Another snow shower

Only light winds at 500m

Love snowy trees me

Ok, final one

Plenty of snow falling down at Aviemore level overnight and through today. This is only the start of it. Forecast for more constant snow the rest of the week and beyond, on the mountains. We've not had too many low level snowy days this winter so it was great to see at last. I  had a stroll up to Craigellachie at lunchtime. It's one of my favourite wee strolls from the house. From the middle of Aviemore main street you can be on the top in less than 40 minutes, or if you want to take a million photos of snow covered trees, 1 hour. Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year in this lovely nature reserve. The woodland is a joy and the view at the top far outweighs the effort it takes to get there.
The was hardly any wind at 500m, I think a different story on the Cairngorm plateau.

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