Sunday, 3 May 2020


Evening bike ride up Glenmore
Another week passes by and were still restricted to low level exercise. It was another lovely weather week with hardly any rain. Colder than the previous week and less sunshine. It was below freezing in Aviemore one morning but obviously this time of year it will warm up. Some more biking, on road and off road. There is definitely an increase in motorised traffic. Must be all that essential travel.
The wildlife as brilliant as ever. More species that visit our shores for Spring/Summer have arrived. I do miss the Dotterell who of course are only high up in the mountains. They should be up on The Cairngorms this week. More photos below of my adventurous exercise in the outdoors.

Common Sandpiper taking off

Black Throated Divers

Black Throated Divers

Red Grouse

Evening bike ride

Great downhill

Loch Pityoulish

No wind and clear, cold morning

Quiet roads

Trees coming into bloom

Greylagg Goose

Dramatic entrance


Northern Corries
Nice clouds

Loch Pityoulish


Feshie Hills

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