Sunday, 17 May 2020


Mother Greylagg with here goslings
Week 8 of our restrictions to the mountains. Some cold weather still at the beginning of the week and a very gradual rise in temperatures by the weekend. More biking and wildlife as usual. Getting a fair amount of mileage under the belt. Down in England the Westminister government started to relax restrictions but not here in Scotland. Although there is now some talking going on between the various mountaineering bodies and  MRT's with some hopeful  re-opening and access to our mountains coming soon, maybe. Only change  so far up here is we can now exercise more than once per day, a start I guess. So, as usual, here's a few images from this week to brighten up your week.
Always a crowd pleaser
Spring in full swing with plenty of young fledgings about on the water and in the air. A brilliant time of year for wildlife and with some dry conditions and sunshine it's always a joy - restrictions or no restrictions.
Slow melt in the coire

Four Spotted Chaser

Juvenile Song Thrush

Willow Warbler
Burma Road

Loch Pityoulish

Evening bike ride

Mountain Pansey
Fresh snow at the start of the week

Trailing Azalia just starting to flower

Common Sandpiper

Song Thrush with a snacklet

Mallard ducklings

Golden Eye
At least someone can still go climbing

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