Sunday, 10 May 2020


Coire an Lochain from the Sugar Bowl
Is it really 7 weeks since we have been denied access from our mountains? Time flies. This week started off cool and cloudy but by the second half of the week the temperatures soared once again and it was actually too hot (for me!) by Thursday or was it Wednesday? I don't know any more, the days seem to just have no meaning any more. Nice that we are enjoying some fine weather conditions for our allowed access into the outdoors for excercise. Plenty more biking on the roads and on the mountain bike. My usual haunts and plenty of wildlife watching too The Mountain Hare have been venturing down onto some of the tracks now that humans aren't around making a racket and dogs everywhere. They're well into their Spring pelage. Also seen Golden Plover, a beautiful bird that summers on the moors after spending winter on the coasts. By Sunday we had a real change in weather with a cold northerly airstream and even some snow falling at Aviemore level. Of course this won't stick around but up in the mountains it's another matter.
As usual, some images from the last 7 days below.
Ring Ouzel

Red Squirrel enjoying the hot sun

Plenty of Wheatears about
Cairngorms from the Burma Road

No wind on Loch Morlich

Hot day on the bike up to Coire Cas
Adult Golden Plover

Juvenile Golden Plover

Mountain Hare near the track
Th quiet side of Loch Morlich

Pass of Ryvoan

Another hot day, Loch Morlich
Willow Warbler

Red Grouse

Meadow Pipit
First Swallows this year

Fresh snow on Cairn Gorm (Sunday 10th)

Calm waters for the Greylaggs

Bearberry flowers
Snowing to low levels on Sunday

Our beautiful Caledonian Pines

Looking wintery again

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