Tuesday, 3 March 2009


It's been snowing down to 500m all day here in The Highlands. The hills have been transformed back to full winters conditions. I was out in the Cam Chreag area of Tarmachan today. This is a great wee area for steep ground, it takes about one hour direct from the my house into this corrie. Route choice over the next few days is crucial has the avalanche Catagory will be HIGH in most areas: http://www.sais.gov.uk/ . I was weaving about on frozen crags, turf and up gullies that have old frozen snow in them. Windslab is building up even on lower altitudes, wonderful! The visability was poor with a cloudbase down to 600m, I was sheltered in the corrie for most of the day from the high winds. A quality winter mountain day, superb! Looks like another cracking late winter coming up, we are still running winter courses right through to April: http://www.tarmachan-mountaineering.org.uk/ . Take care out there.

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