Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Down at Arrochar today with a very large group of 110 (!) folk from Black's Outdoor Stores. There were 11 leaders to keep an eye on the teams has they navigated there way in groups of 10 up to the Cobbler/Beinn Ime bealach. All the folk were from various store locations through out the UK on a product knowledge/team building day out in the wonderful Scottish Highlands. Also in tow were folk from The North Face and Garmin, kitting folk out and equipping them with the latest advanced navigation technology. We even got a flying photo shoot courtesy of a chopper overhead, so thats why all this outdoor gear is expensive? It was a bright start to the day with a gradual high level cloud cover by mid day and snowing late afternoon. Snow overnight to sea level and some freeze/thaw on the cards by the weekend.

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