Monday, 1 February 2010


Andy and Pete were with me this week on a 2 day winter skills course. We headed up to Glen Shiel for some basic skills including correct use of axe and foot placements and step cutting techniques, were we could find any solid snow. It was heavy going and hard work on our way up into Coire Lochan below the South Claunie Ridge with sveral centimeteres of fresh snow all the way down to glen level. A major part of today was spent in keeping dry and warm has we moved through the deep snow. It took us probably twice as long to get into the corrie has summer timings, a vital thing to take into account when planning a day out in winter. After a dry start the snow fell for much of the day on a brisk wind and poor visability. The obligotory end of day refreshments in the Claunie Inn was in order.

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