Thursday, 25 March 2010


No soaking today, though it did rain but only for an hour in the morning, I couldn't work out which of the weather forecasts was right (or wrong). Charlie and I went up to The Ben today and we headed up No. 4 Gully. The cloudbase was down to about 900m by mid day but dry and pleasent. Snow was nice and hard after last nights drop in temperatures, in fact it was the hardest snow in No. 4 I've had this winter. Some recent avalanche debris out of No.5 and No2 gullies. Charlie thought all the hard work was over when we got to the plateau until I armed him with map & compass so he could impress me with his navigation skills he learnt from yesterday. We headed up to the summit in poor visability with less than 10m vis, putting all his skills into action.

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