Saturday, 1 May 2010


Another day of finding hills out of the cloud. Cycled up to Fasfern today and two 'Graham's' (hills between 2000ft-2499ft) north of Loch Eil - Meall Onfhaidh & Aodann Chleirieg. Pathless and no one around again, but that would be the norm on hills like this, great for solitude and if you enjoy pathless, wet ground. Brilliant for running as its all nice and soft underfoot. The last pic amused me, looks like the guys doing the fencing got wet one day, packed up and never came back judging by how rusty the saw is. Didn't even bother putting his fleece back on! Weather forecast was a bit wrong again, I don't think 3 hours plus of steady light rain is a shower and as I write this in the house at 5pm it's still cloudy-wasn't the forecast for showers and clear skies by late afternoon? Wind was only a breeze and temps weren't particulary cold. Good test for this new Paramo Adventure Light jacket I've been using this last few days, impressed-think I've been converted away from Goretex ( and no I don't get any freebies or payment for plugging gear!). Live in hope for next few days forecast of sunshine!

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