Saturday, 15 May 2010


Another chagable and usettled day again in Fort William with a showery, windy and cool day again. Up on Ben Nevis via the Pony Track today with a big group from John Lewis raising money for cancer charity. Neil, Ian and I were guiding a big group of 20, my small 'breakaway group' of Helen and Grace had a liesurley stroll up The Ben and were soon back at the Ben Nevis Inn for refreshments by mid afternoon. Today I was working for Macs Adventures


helen said...

hi gary helen here, just want to thank you for a nice day on saturday. sorry we counld not meet you for a drink on saturday night but you gave me a wrong number. all the team had a great time.

Gary said...

Hi Helen

Glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about the number-I rang your hotel with the correct number-did they not pass on the message? Send me your email address for the pics if you like. Well done on The Ben and I enjoyed the drink or two with you!

helen said...

hi, the hotel did pass on a number but that was wrong too. i asked neil to pass on my number, did he not do it. got the pics from your page i put them on my facebook page. again just want to say thanks for a great day.