Monday, 17 May 2010


Couldn't resist the temptation of one final winter climb on Ben Nevis today. It also felt like I had the whole of the North side of The Ben to myself, no cars in the lower and upper North face carparks when I set off this morning, bliss. Had a look at No. 5 Gully but there were a few holes around  the lower section, if heading for ledge Route you'll still need a axe and poss crampons. After playing around in No.5 and finding a few  holes  for a bit I went across to No4 4 Gully and went up there. It was complete and with snow cover down to the lochans at 900m still. Another bonus-  devoid of footprints and still quite firm. It was a warmer day than of late, with some lovely bright and sunny spells this morning. A couple of light snow showers down to 1000m by mid day and back to warm and sunny on the descent. Winter climbing in May, great stuff!

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