Thursday, 12 April 2012


It seems strange to think back to only a couple of weeks ago and the temperatures were above 20 degrees and virtually all snow from the mountains had gone. Today on Carn Mor Dearg it felt more like a day out in the depths of winter! With  a depth of over 15cm of snow on the hill and a slight windchill on the tops it felt so good to be flung back into winter. This morning was clear and fine so I set off sharpish as the forecast was due to cloud over and some showers. I'd just got up to 1000m or so on CMD when suddenly the cloud sheet came over and I thought I'd missed the weather and photography window, but as often the case the cloud was soon blown away on the light N breeze and the wonderful north face of Ben Nevis gleamed in all it's glory. For an hour or so it was fantastic, then once again the cloud rolled in and grey again. Wonderful! Looks set to be more of the same over the weekend and staying cool on the hills. Anyone thinking of winter skills courses this weekend?

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