Saturday, 14 April 2012


The summit cone and NE ridge (left) of Binnein Mor
Approching the summit
Binnein Beag
Ben Nevis, CMD, Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor
The view 'on the way home'
Another beautiful clear morning again and as in previous days the cloud rolled in by mid morning. Then, just like previous days , there was big breaks in the cloud as the sun shone for good long spells. I cycled up to the top car park in Glen Nevis and wandered up to Steall Meadow with no real plan for the day, except to get into some snow and hope for some sunshine. There are two lovely NE ridges running off from Binnein Mor in The Mamores and today I headed up on the shorter of the two. It's a long and wonderful walk up through Glen Nevis and then a pathless ascent to the foot of the ridges, so guaranteed to see no one. In fact only saw 4 people all day.There was some very brief snow showers through the day but it was mainly another wonderful day of sun and and late snowy mountains, unfortunately bad timing as I hit the summit as one of these showers rolled in. Tomorrow looks even better with clear skies forecast!

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