Thursday, 26 September 2013


Loch Avon & Shelter Stone Crag
Top of Castlegate's Gully
Carn Etchacan
Pinnacle Gully
Fiacaill Buttress
There are many far more interesting routes if you want to 'bag' Cairn Gorm & Ben Macdui, unfortunately the vast majority of people heading up to these two big Munro summits in The Cairngorms follow the same route. With a little imagination and some extra effort there are some fantastic views to be had by the adventurous. One of these is to head up The Fiacaill Ridge and then across the plateau to the top of Hells Lum Crag. Following the rim of the Loch Avon basin all the way to the summit of Carn Etchacan you get to see some of the finest crag and corrie scenery in The Cairngorms. The views down Pinnacle Gully and Castlegates's Gully are superb and these two easy Grade 1 winter gullies are among my favourite climbs in the area, some happy memories on these. All the way along are fantastic views down to Loch Avon, the jewel and heart of The Cairngorms. From Carn Etchacan summit to Ben Macdui you will still probably see no one, just like today!

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