Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Garbh Coire Mor on Braeriach
Excellent, hard snow this morning, looking over to Sgor Gaoithe
Loch Coire an Lochain, The UK's highest loch
Looking back to Glen Einich from Braeriach's plateau
Angels Ridge on Sgor an lochain Uaine
Garbh Coire Mor
Cairn Toul & Sgor an Lochain Uaine
The wonderful sunny weather continues here in The Cairngorms. Yet another stunningly beautiful day to be out in the hills. Another wee trip up onto Braeriach today. There are various routes onto the UK's third highest summit from the Glen Einich approach. The two northern most corries hold snow well into the Spring/summer and one of these corries also encloses the UK's highest named stretch of water, Loch Coire an Lochain at over 1000m. There are two shallow gullies that lead up to this corrie from Glen Einich. I was walking in snow all the way to the plateau from 600m. The gully line was crisp enough to warrant crampons this morning but during the day the warm sun softened all the snow. I wandered over to the  rim of Garbh Corrie Mor. So Braeriach has the highest lochan, has the record for the largest cornice, holds huge amounts of snow right through to summer, contains some of the highest expanses of high ground in these islands and is one of the remotest mountains. This is why it is so special and you will find me here many times during the year! A wonderful clarity of light today. Another couple of very nice days to come before colder weather at the weekend. Winter is far from over! Oh yes, to top a top day off I also found the ice axe belonging to one of my clients, dropped in January!

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