Thursday, 14 September 2017


The Matterhorn revealed 
Robert Phsyced for the Europaweg Bridge 
On the Europaweg 
Tunnels & Ledges
That mountain again
Windy along the bridge 
The evening view from my balcony
The final day of this Walkers Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt.  The views all along the Europaweg are absolutely stunning, on a clear day. Unfortunately the weather is still unsettled.  It dawned dry with some blue skies around the Mattertal but the cloud descended to below the tree line by 1pm. Still, the walk from Randa and along the new bridge is so much fun. It was a tad windy this time which was interesting how Europe’s longest footbridge behaved in a 30mph crosswind!  Robert and I survived the 500m crossing.  We had some light rain in the afternoon,  so we had a cheeky beer at the Europaweg Hut to get out of the wet weather.  The forecast was for things to clear up by 5pm. 4.30pm and we were still walking in the clag. 4.50pm at Tufteren and suddenly the clouds started breaking up. The Matterhorn was revealed!  It does exist said Robert! The descent into Zermatt just got better and better has the clouds all melted away.  Journey's end and a beautiful clear evening.
A fantastic summer 2017 guiding comes to an end. Can't wait for summer 2018!
This 10 day walking holiday I was guiding for Mont Blanc Treks.

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