Sunday, 24 September 2017


Challenging weather

Out of the wind for some accurate stuff

Oh, oh, into the cloud

4 tops and some excellent navigation later and Kerry on Sgor Gaoithe

Pathless terrain much of the day
Day Two of Kerry's navigation course with me. Today we concentrated on micro navigation, contour interpretation, pacing and relocation techniques. We also took the GPS out for a little ride and looked at the pro's and con's of map versus satellite technology. By the end of the day Kerry became slick at taking many compass bearings has we walked over many of the 'Sgorans'. This area that surrounds the Munro Sgor Gaiothe is a fab place to learn navigation. Featureless ground, much of this pathless and rounded hills above the 1000m contour. Kerry came away after the two days of one to one tuition with far more confidence and lots of skills to venture out into more challenging mountain terrain. The weather was very challenging again today with constant rain throughout and a stiff head wind. These are the conditions where you would be having to use good navigational skills for sure.

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