Monday, 11 September 2017


Zinal Rothorn & Besso
Pigne de Arolla & Val de Herens 
Descending Col de Torrent 
Lac de Moraiy 
Val de Herens 
Taking it easy
Dent Blanche 
Weisshorn from Col de Torrent 
Big day today with around 2000m of ascent and 1850m descent.  The Col de Torrent sits at 2919mm, above the Val de Herens.  A beautiful,  stunning day. Cold, crisp and just wonderful clarity of air in the northerly airflow.  There was some cloud in the afternoon when we walked over the second col of the day, Col de Sorbois.  The Weisshorn and Zinal Rothorn suddenly unveiled themselves of the cloud and one of those wonderful,  magical moments occured has their gleaming glaciers sparkled in blue skies. We seemed to be the only group on the route between La Sage and Zinal today. A fantastic day with many big 4000m mountains on view throughout the hike.

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