Tuesday, 12 September 2017


The Meidpass
Cold on top
Lakes & Mountains 
Cloud clearing slowly 
Meidpass from the Turtmantal side
Fab views to the East
Nice ridges
There was another sprinkling of overnight snow above 2500m. It's been unusualy cool for a long period of time, well for the Alps that is. Cloud was quite stubborn to clear but it did lift by mid afternoon. The walk from Zinal to Gruben has two options. The Forcletta or the slightly longer but by far more scenic route via the Meidpass.  We took the later route. A bonus for the Meidpass option is a lunchtime break at the famous Weisshorn Hotel. The traverse path from Zinal to the Weisshorn Hotel is one of the most spectacular balcony trails in the Alps. The views are all behind you so you need to keep looking back! Sadly it was cloudy this morning so all the big 4000m peaks were covered in clag. We hot lucky on the Meidpass as the clouds broke and we had excellent views of the Weisshorn and Bishorn.

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