Monday, 28 June 2010


Today I was taking a group of 3 (originally 5) from the wind power developers 'Eurowind' up The Ben. There was an interesting and controversial conversation about their wind farm developments in Scotland on the way up the hill.  But thankfully the wind got so strong on the mountain that I didn't get too deep into my points of view on their concrete windmills in The Highlands. Ukar was sporting a novel pair of boots (see pic) which incorporated some kind of spike device on the sole that flipped out for security on snow/ice, shame the boots gave him loads of grief in the toe area on the descent, don't think they'll catch on over here somehow. There was low cloud and drizzle in the morning but on the way down the sun came out and it was like summer again. Much quieter today with only a few folk out this morning. At least the wind kept the midges at bay, hopefully the guys didn't have any bright ideas about a windmill on The Ben!

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