Sunday, 20 January 2013


The snow shoes are great on frozen burns too
Karen heading up Creag Liath's ridge
and descending
It was a dry day, with lighter winds and staying just above freezing at glen level. Karen and I headed over to the Monadhliath hills which are just that bit lower than the main Cairngorm hills and lying to the west of Strath Spey they were clear of cloud today. I decided to dig the  snow shoes out  but the snow is still quite powder like and so not ideal but always good fun and just a wee less tiring in the deep, soft snow which is lying in the glens. We decided on heading up a lovely wee hill which neither of us had ventured up before- Creag Liath. It gives great views of the bigger hills and also boasts a nice ridge. Looks like were in for two full days of heavy snow on Monday & Tuesday, coupled with strong winds. Should be testing conditions and hard work. Busy period of work coming up for me from tomorrow and running right through till Mid March!

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