Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Looking down the eastern side of Sgurr Gaoith
The western slopes
I had a quick bike ride up Glen Feshie and a dash onto Sgurr Gaoith today to see how much snow is remaining after several days of tropical weather. As expected there was hardly any on the western slopes of the hill with just a few big patches remaining in hollows and the deeper burns. I couldn' really see how much was lying down the steeper eastern crags and buttresses with all the cloud that hung about on the tops today. It was still very mild but did seem to be a bit cooler this afternoon, having to put gloves on at the top. There was a few light rain showers and it almost felt like it was turning to sleet at the summit-not quite! The sun came out late afternoon and clearer skies, a lovely cycle back down the glen. Things are looking up with clear skies and a drop in temperatures next few days, hopefully some snowfall too.

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