Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Looking over to Hells Lum Crag from Top of Pinnacle Gully
Top of Pinnacle Gully
Ice at last!
Still plenty snow for a good snow shelter
The ptarmigan are looking for snow too
Coire an Lochain
Finally it was below freezing point on the hill, what a relief after several very warm days leading to rapid snow loss. Everything that is white was frozen solid today as I took a wander over the Cairngorm-Macdui plateau to check out what is left and also to have a nosey at some snow hole locations for up coming snow hole courses. I headed over to the Feithe Buidhe area and then across to the top of the Shelter Stone crag. Just as I was looking down Castle Gates and Pinnacle gullies thinking they looked quite broken and interesting, someone popped up out of Pinnacle Gully and confirmed this was the case! Plenty of snow in the usual locations for snow holes and if you poke around a bit there is plenty of snow for playing about in. Staying cold for foreseeable future, just need a day or two of blizzards please!

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