Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Wonderful winterland scenery
Learning to take bearings with big gloves
Excellent snow cover and lighter winds!

Hard work trail breaking today
Wind scoured on the summit area
Nearly there!
Too much hard work, even for the ducks
It snowed steadily overnight in The Cairngorms and with strong winds this lead to more drifting. The Cairngorm ski road was closed this morning so Sareeta & Bhavini and I went for Plan B and a day on Meall a' Buachaille. The plan was for a navigation and mountain day and it was with surprise that we enjoyed sunshine virtually all day with  the hill completely clear of cloud by 11am. The cold easterly winds had eased to a mere 35-40mph and much of the time we were well sheltered. Very hard going in the drifts, we broke trail all day while a few folk followed our footprints, until we went off to find some steeper ground so the ladies could get a bit more experience using the ice axe. Snow up to the knees and beyond at times but apparently we got off lightly, the Southern Cairngorms had a lot more snowfall yesterday and today. Well done to Sareeta & Bhavini for coping with the hard toil in the deep, soft snow and high, cold winds these last two days. All good winter fun! The cloud slowly lifted off the main Cairngorm plateau and looking across there are big areas of blown snow. Lots of folk out skiing in the tracks around Glen More. Looks like much, much lighter winds tomorrow and dry!

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