Monday, 21 January 2013


Sareet & Bavhini digging for a lunch spot
'Joining' the holes for  decent shelter
Careful route choice today
A wild, snowy and very cold day for Sareet and Bahvini on their first day of a two day winter skills course. We headed up to Coire Cas with poor visibility, and car park with a good covering of snow, no skiing today but just bearable for getting a wee bit higher up the mountain. We went through some basic axe techniques and even found some wind scoured old, hard snow to practice on. Later on we moved down the hill, below the car park and found some good drifts to get a simple snow shelter constructed for lunch time and a relief from the wind and cold. We also covered avalanche awareness, and assessing slopes today A major part of toady's skills though was just keeping warm and dry and coping with the bitter cold wind.

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