Sunday, 12 January 2014


Heading up to The Widndow, Easy Gully behind and well loaded with wind slab
A deserted Coire Ardair
Neve mixed with some wind slab heading toward The Window
A deserted plateau too! Fine views toward The Easians
A deserted summit too!
Looking back at Coire Ardair
Day two on Harvey & Paul's winter course this weekend. We had a change of scenery and headed over to Creag Meagaidh. The weather forecast was for a deteriorating day later  on with higher winds and cloud/rain/snow in the afternoon. We had a wonderful day, the cloud stayed above the tops all day, we had light winds and no precipitation. The plan was for another adventurous day and Easy Gully on the Post Face was an idea but it was clear form earlier on in the morning that a lot of wind slab was around and so plan B came into action. WE headed up to The Window, avoiding any wind slab. There was a lot of recent avalanche debris from the Inner Corrie but we were well away from this and found big areas of hard, frozen snow. The plateau as a superb covering and a joy to stroll to the summit. We only saw two people all day, lower down in the coire. Where was everyone on such a grand day?

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