Sunday, 26 January 2014


Challenging navigation conditions
Atmospheric snow and light conditions
Munro celebrating
Lovely late afternoon views
A very snowy Bynack Mor
The summit
Great views on the descent
Day two for Graham, Barry & Ken on their weekend course with me. Today wasn't looking very hopeful at all with severe gales and the snow gates closed at Glenmore. We'd already decided it was going to be a navigation day on some much lower hills. As we were heading up toward Ryvoan the tress were swaying in the winds and a group were already walking back to the car park. We persevered and were busy navigating at lower altitudes by the afternoon the winds had eased so we headed a bit higher taking bearings onto the plateau area of Bynack Mor. The snow showers had by now eased off and we even had blue skies. After a quick discussion the guys were up for bagging the summit of Bynack Mor. We had a great walk up to the summit and indeed the summit cairn had hardly any wind! What a bonus for the guys, a Munro in the bag and fabulous walking on windblown, heard icy ground. Even better, a wonderful view on the way back down as the cloud lifter out to the north. A great day out, well done guys!

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