Sunday, 19 January 2014


Malc heading up Easy Gully
Nice seats in the gully
Hasty pit, well bonded
Post Face well plastered with snow
Avalanche debris from last week
Post Face and Inner Coire
Soft snow
The weather wasn't looking too bright for today in The Cairngorms so we headed a bit further west in the hope of something drier. Today Russ & Malc were looking for some avalanche training and we went up to Coire Ardair on Creag Meagaidh. The rain lower down died off by late morning and we we're well sheltered from the SW winds. We went  into Easy Gully and talked about various kinds of avalanche, taking note of the forecast that day and interpreting it to the area of mountain we were on. There was a lot of avalanche debris around, probably from last Wednesday and also evidence from over a week ago. We dug various snow pits and found the soft layers fairly well bonded. The temperatures have been above freezing the last couple of days and the snow pack is very moist and soft. It turned out a very pleasant afternoon. We only saw two folk this morning walking out and a couple more late in the day heading up the coire. Back home in Aviemore and it seems like it's been pretty wet much of the day. Colder and drier tomorrow.

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