Tuesday, 6 May 2014


The Fiacaill Ridge & Buttress
Coire an t-sneachda
Someone else enjoying the ridge  & views today
A deserted ridge in sun
Warm (ish) rock
Coire an Lochan. the great slab hanging on still
After a wet early morning the sun came out by mid-day, just as the forecast said. The air clarity was superb today compared to the murk of yesterday so a nice time for photography. The Fiacaill Ridge was deserted today, in fact only saw one other person lower down heading over to Macdui. There is still a big slab of snow lying on the western side of the ridge so if you wanted to skirt the actual ridge then an ice axe would be useful, it's a long slide onto the boulders otherwise! Equally if you're tempted to go up or down The Goat Track without an axe I would think again! A good day to test out my Scarpa Zodiac boots which I acquired recently. Excellent scrambling boot and perfect terrain for today, even good on the odd patch of snow. The Cairngorms is very active with ptarmigan right now, you need to be careful you don't trip over them. Really nice time of year to see the male and females together in their very different plumage. A superb day to be out, looking a bit showery next few days.

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