Monday, 2 February 2015


Let the digging begin
Tea time
Tunneling fun
Cornices even in Ciste Mherad
White out time
Another very cold day with temperatures on Cairn Gorm summit down to minus 9 degrees this morning. Only a light breeze and no fresh snowfall so it was a very pleasant day on the hill, if you were prepared for some challenging white out conditions. Nigel & Andy are out with me for two days. Today they were keen to get some snow hole knowledge so we headed up to that area that's not far from a cafe, handy for take aways. We dug ourselves a spacious snow shelter withing a couple of hours or so. Nice snow for digging at the moment. On the way in and on the way out Nigel did a good spot of navigation in the white out conditions, a precursor for tomorrow when we'll be doing a full day of nav training. It seemed even colder on the way down this afternoon. It's great living in these Arctic conditions, Aviemore streets still white.

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