Monday, 23 February 2015


Looking down to Loch an Eilein from Ord Ban. The Cairngorms just visible in the distance
Craggy, steep and wooded, a teriffic wee hill
A fair few cm's of fresh snow at lower levels
The locals on Ord Ban
The last couple of days we've had snowfall and gale force winds on the higher summits in The Cairngorms. Overnight there was a fair few cm's of fresh snow at Aviemore and it was snowing heavily most of the day to low levels. Just when you thought the low level wading and ploughing through drifts period was over! Looking very unsettled the next week or so but the odd day of light winds and bright skies, catch them when you can! Today I had a quick dart up Ord Ban (428m). A tiny wee hill with fantastic views looking down onto Loch an Eilein and over to The Cairngorm mountains and the Feshie Hills. It was a blizzard on the summit and I got lucky with a bright spell to get a view. This craggy wee hill is steep has wonderful natural woodland and some Caledonian Pines. Every time I go up this hill I choose a different route up and down and it's always interesting to take different ways to the top. You probably get finer views of the loch in winter when there are less leaves on the trees. Size isn't everything!

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