Saturday, 21 February 2015


Leaving the A9 and into sunshine
Great sun and snow conditions on the plateau
Very clear today with stunning views into Ben Alder
There's a big track here in summer!
More atmospheric plateau shots
Karen on the Munro summit of Carn na Caim
Panoramic views to the west
Ask any Munroist what their least favourite and dreary Munros are and you'll no doubt hear the words 'The Drumochter Munros'. Well, if you had a day like today with an excellent snow cover from bottom to top and almost constant sunny skies, then they may just change their minds! These hills are undoubtedly more spectacular under winter conditions but even in summer they are wonderful for the amount of wildlife you see frequently on these hills. Today Karen and I had a fabulous day out over on the eastern side of this mountain range, savouring the winter sun and wonderful snow. There has been fresh snowfall the last few days, evident by the fresh windslab seen on the steeper terrain. It was very atmospheric at times with the light winds just drifting the snow across the plateau and cloudscapes just wonderful. I can't think of any hills under snow and blue skies like we had today that are dreary, especially The Drumochter hills.

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