Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Nigel on the summit of Sgor Gaoithe
Enjoying the wonderful summit views
Almost a view of Braeriach
Big cornices
Big areas of neve on some aspects
Heres the cloud again
Most of the day was like this, in the cloud bubble
Another very cold day with temperatures around minus 10 dgrees on the hill (thats a guess-when my nose feels cold its double figure minus). Nigel was back out with me today and he wanted to build on his already very good summer navigation skills. We went to Sgor Goaithe in the Feshie hills were the snow cover is right down to the carpark. Hard going in the drifts and we were the only folk on the hill today. Great conditions for Nigel with cloud cover most of the day with a very cold but light NW wind. White out at times. We were rewarded when we got to the summit, the clouds cleared for a few minutes revealing wonderful views with the east face of the mountain plastered in fresh snow and huge cornices. The toughest part of the day was the energy sapping plough back along the glen with the lovely summer path well banked wit soft, knee deep snow. All good stuff to keep you fit through the winter months :)

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