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Rob all smiles on An Teallach
What chances are there for a client to book one day for An Teallach and getting  stunning, almost perfect weather? That's what Robert got today. His wife had bought him a day out on the finest mountain on Earth for a Christmas present. What a pressie! Robert had always wanted complete the full traverse of  An Teallach via the Corrag Buidhe pinnacles. Here's the route.

Sail Liath looking back to the Fisherfield Forest
We set off on a glorious morning at Corrie Hallie. This is the usual start point for the long but easy approach march to the first of An Teallach's summits, Sail Liath. It's a good trail up to the mountain's first of many summits and the ground conditions are very dry just now, a pleasure!

Toll an Lochain from Sail Liath
Once on the top of Sail Liath you get the first sight of An Teallach's Corrag Buidhe crest and impressive the steep coire which plunges from the spires, Toll an Lochain. From Sail Liath the ridge narrows and it's a roller coaster ride over a couple of minor tops. The first of the pinnacles gets ever closer and  becomes more impressive.

Loch Toll an Lochain far below
On the crest, Sail Liath behind
The Corrag Buide are a series of four Torridonian sandstone towers. Some wonderful and exposed scrambling lies ahead. If desired you can bypass the entire scrambling of these with a traverse path that lies below. Wny would you wish to do this though? You will miss all the fun!
On the Corrag Budhe
The steep pinnacles are interspersed with some narrow sections of ridge, time to pause and admire what's in front. The first of the scrambling has a very exposed but short section near its top. After this the scrambling becomes easier, or maybe you just get tuned in! There are lots of variations along the crest and the down climbing can be made less intimidating by easier routes which are obvious.
Big holds, big views
The odd gap to jump!
Down scrambling on big ledges, or small, whichever you prefer!
The third pinnacle is my favourite. It looks spectacular, lovely scrambling and in the middle of the crest. Grand views back and in front. Good spot for a pause and bite to eat at the top. Why rush on a day like today?

Down and No.3 ahead
Beinn Dearg Mhor and Loch na Sealga
There are grand views out to the Fisherfield Forest and Torridon mountains from the ridge. Today the clarity of air was wonderful. Not a breath of wind for most of the day. It was base layers, shades and sunscreen up high.

Heading toward Lord Berkeley's Seat
I guess the most 'famous' of the Corrag Buidhe is the final pinnacle, Lord Berekeley's Seat. This one narrows to an arete and the summit leans over into the void with Toll an Lochain a long, long way below and no obstacles in the way! It's obligatory to sit on the top with your legs dangling over the abyss.
Scrambling down from Lord Barkeley's Seat
Looking back to Lord Barkeley's Seat
Final easy slopes to Sgurr Fiona
All too soon the scrambling finishes as you head up the final easy slopes to the first of An Teallach's two Munros, Sgurr Fiona. The scrambling is now over and back to 'walking' along the ridge. Of course the views are still impressive in every direction. Wonderful vistas out to the coast and ahead lies the next Munro summit of Bidean a' Ghals Thuill, just 2m higher than Sgurr Fiona with not too much of a drop in between.
Bidean a' Ghlas Thuill from Sgurr Fiona
Views out to the coastline
Up again soon
The classic view of An Teallach
It's less than an hour of walking between the two Munro summits. On Bidean a' Ghlas Thuill you get the classic and stunning view of An Teallach. The Corrag Buidhe pinnacles looking wonderful on the skyline.
There are many variations routes on An Teallach, spurs and ridges in every direction. Most folk head off down to Dundonnell on easy slopes. The call of a pint at the hotel was enough for Robert to decide he would like that option! The bog was completely dry on the final stretch to the road. No midges. Heaven.
A grand day out and nice to catch up with friends in Ullapool.
Sea views from Sgurr Fiona

Lord Barkeley's Seat behind us

Lord Barekeley ( now Robs ) Seat

Jus brilliant fun

We love ridges!

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