Saturday, 5 May 2018


Windy Clouds
Ptarmigan Staying low
Ptarmigan watching the ice melt away
Cloud streams above Coire an Lochain

Female ptarmigan

Twin Burns snow
Wind in my feathers
It was a beautifully sunny day over the Northern Cairngorms. The cloud soon clearing by mid morning but a very strong SW wind of about 50mph at 900m. Challenging conditions for wildlife photography today. Plenty of big boulders in The corries to get sheltered behind. If you were quick and the ptarmigan posed at the right time between strong gusts then you could get your shots. Despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend, there are always places in the vast Cairngorm area to escape the crowds. Get off any paths and you'll have peace and quiet. The Dotterel should be arriving in the next week or so.
It may be in the mid 20's down south but up here in The Highlands were in the teens. That's warm enough for me.  Best of the sun in the east.

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