Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Gordon photographing in the sun
Male ptarmigan
Mountain Hare
Weather front approaching
Loose dog alert!
Technical stuff this photography
Superb, clear visibility
Another one enjoying the sun
Poor wee Meadow Pipits never make the limelight
Gordon was out with me on a One day wildlife photography workshop. His main aim was to capture the ptarmigan. He had never seen one, until today. It was a glorious early morning with clear skies and excellent clear air. We had the whole area to ourselves up in the Northern Corries. First off was a lovely mountain hare munching away on heather for a good 15 minutes. Then along comes an irresponsible dog owner with his dog off a lead. This is a big problem in the Cairngorms. This period is vital for all ground nesting birds. Please be more responsible if you intend taking your dog s out on the hills in Spring. Thankfully the hare shot off and munched elsewhere and the ptarmigan didn't seem phased. Plenty of male ptarmigan about. Gordon got some great images just before the high level cloud came over. A lovely day to be out on the hills with warm sunshine and superb clarity of air.
All my wildlife photography courses are run on demand, geared towards the individual.

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