Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Fresh snow 
Navigation in pathless, featureless terrain 
Sunshine after the snow
Cairngorms looking white again
A break out of the cold
Lovely end to the day on the Burma Road 
GPS out for a walk today
There was a fresh dusting of overnight snow above 700m in the Cairngorms area. The reminents of the Atlantic frontal system died out by late morning. There was some very nice sunny spells by mid-day. Jennifer and Linda on their second day of navigation today. We stayed out of the high mountains and ventured in the lower hills around the Burma Road area. Some nice featureless and pathless terrain here to hone the compass skills. We took a couple of GPS units out today and looked at the pros and cons of these. The ladies were quite happy and confident with the traditional tools of navigation. Great couple of days,  Linda and Jennifer now heading off on rheir backpacking trip with lots of vital skills.
Temperatures on a slow riseas we head towards the weekend. 

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