Monday, 21 January 2019


Good neve, in a wind sheltered area

Basic axe and crampon movement 

Self belay

Cas ridge

Front pointing down slopes

Quiet on the hill today
Zuzana is out with me on a 4 Day bespoke winter course.  A good chunk of time to get some excellent,  vital winter experience. Day one we walked into strong winds and plenty of wind blown snow.  Looking after yourself and being organized is a huge 'skill' to master on the Scottish winter mountains, one some folk don't appreciate. After battling the gales we reached a well sheltered Cas ridge. The wind slab is building up on some aspects but we found plenty of areas that were windswept and the old, refrozen snow was exposed.  Good ground for cramponing technique. After we covered moving up, down and across slopes we ventured onto the ridgeline and got up to 1100m before giving in to the 70mph winds.
Tomorrow looking a lot calmer. Staying cold. Loving this proper winter conditions .

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