Friday, 4 January 2019


Breaking through the Inversion 


More ice

Cairn Lochan Inversion

Fiacaill Coire Sneachda above the Inversion 

And another one

Great photos day

Fabulous neve

Cairn Lochan 

Sneachda above the Inversion 

Heading down from 1141m

Broken Spectres here we come

Cairn Gorm & Sneachda 

Beautiful sunset

Snow was good too
Two days on the trot and the Cairngorms gets temperature inversions. Very nice. Today's was even more stunning than yesterday's.
Jamie was out with me on a 1 day into to winter.  He couldn't have hoped for a more stunning day. We walked into a low cloud Coire an Lochain this morning.  We started off with some step cutting at the snowfields around the Great Slab area. Quickly it was terrain for cramponing. Once Jamie was confident with crampons we traversed out onto the plateau . All the way along this traverse we could feel the warmth and it became brightened by the minute. Soon we broke out above the cloud top and into clear skies. Wonderful.  For Jamie this was his first experience of a temperature Inversion and we got a Broken Spectre. The snow in the coire was perfect neve. Up on the plateau it was rime ice but clear of snow. Temperature in the coire was around freezing point, up on the tops it was +8 C by afternoon. The views of the sea of clouds below the summits was absolutely beautiful.  We spent the last couple of hours on Navigation before heading reluctantly back into a gloomy and cloudy Coire Cas. What a day to be out on the tops.

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