Wednesday, 30 January 2019


Beautiful light 

Break from te cold wind

Deep snow

Cairn Gorm summit 

Bynack Mor 

Bright sun, cold wind

Great snow cover 

Ciste Mhearad 
Lunch time 
Another very low temperature day on The Cairngorms,  combined with a high windchill. Lots of bright skies and sun with plenty of blowing snow. Phil out with me again today. Brushing up on some navigation in preparation for his Winter Mountain Leader assessment in March. We had a great day on the long, featureless North slopes that lead onto the Cairngorm plateau from the Ciste carpark. This is the nicest way to ascend Cairn Gorm summit,  avoiding much of the ski paraphernalia. We had another luxury lunch break in a snowshelter at Ciste Mhearad.  In the afternoon we headed around the seldom visited slopes on the East and South sides of Cairn Gorm . Some difficult features to locate here for micro navigation.

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