Sunday, 20 January 2019


Steep ground,  Coire an Lochain 

Another sub zero day

Good mix of neve, ice, fresh snow

Climbers on the cliffs 

Navigation time 

Visibility at 1000m

Cairn Lochan 

Top of The Vent 



Clearing afternoon 

Slowly improving snow cover

Nice end of the day
We had a couple of hours of snowfall this morning in The Cairngorms. The snow cover at lower altitudes improving slowly .Temperatures dropped steady in the afternoon with summit temperatures down to minus 4 C. We had a lot of low cloud, below 800m this morning and it was breezy on tops. Very different weather from yesterday. Day 2 for Jessica & Richard.  Today we concentrated on steep ground,  avalanche assessment, route choice & Navigation. Varying conditions throughout.  Water ice, wind slab, frozen turf, unfrozen turf and old refrozen snow.  A great mix of terrain and conditions in Coire an Lochain to hone the skills.
A great couple of days with Jessica & Richard who are all skilled up for their planned Mont Blanc summit trip in summer.  Of course Mont Blanc is far easier than a good few days in Scottish winter mountains :-)

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