Friday, 24 January 2020


Ptarmigan high up in the snow

Nice group of 8-10 ptarmigan today

The Mountain Hare didn't feel like running high up to the snow

On watch

Taking it easy
This place will be a lot whiter next week

Icelandic Moss
Slight breeze now and again

Some better light than the other day
The freezing level had lowered to about 1000m today. A dry morning wit just some fain, light drizzly spells. The freezing levels due to drop further into the weekend and next week looks like we're back into proper winter weather with snow showers and low summit temperatures. Out photographing the Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare in the Northern Corries. The snowline high up so some steep ground to see them. Rightly so, you've got to earn your views here and these remarkable birds are worth the effort. It was nice to bump into James and his client today, also out photographing the ptarmigan.
Looking forward to the snow. Bring it on.

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